210 | Le Café

If you look closely, you'll notice that most of the characters depicted in the "Collection" artworks are action heroes. Whether it's their ultra-dynamic position (like Bass ! Yeah ! Riff ! Boom) or a sense of danger and adventure surrounding them (like the Jungle Gingers Explorers), they never seem to just stand still. So it was pretty refreshing, yet challenging, to draw something as low-key as this artwork, even if it's a quite simple one. In the beginning, I was only planning to draw the young couple but after I added the windows, I thought it would be a good idea to show their older selves (I guess it says something about me that my idea of improving an artwork is to show an happy couple splitting up).
Cette illustration est pas mal différente de ce que je fais d'habitude dans la Collection, qui présente en général des personnages ultra-dynamiques. C'était donc plutôt rafraîchissant, même si moins facile que prévu, de raconter cette histoire. Au départ, je n'avais prévu que de dessiner la rencontre du couple, à la terrasse de ce café, puis, après avoir dessiné les fenêtres pour décorer, ai trouvé plus intéressant de les utiliser pour montrer la suite. Pour être franc, je n'avais pas particulièrement l'intention de séparer le couple, mais c'était beaucoup plus facile à représenter vu qu'il y avait deux fenêtres, et finalement je trouve ça plus intéressant.
Tell me what you think while I start thinking about the next post !


209 | shrooms/eyepatch

...et je continue à remplir mon nouveau cahier de croquis. Merci pour le bon accueil de la bédé de retour du blog ! J'essaye de la traduire en français dès que possible.
The next post (not in another three months, promise) will probably be a new artwork for the Collection, so stay tuned until I find an idea !



208 | TBFD : Bike And The City

Yay ! Finally, the blog is back after a 3-months-long break. I hope you enjoyed this new chapter of the Barely Fake Diary ! This one was a long time coming (I actually wrote most of it last summer). More content is coming soon.
Oh, and if you're in or stop by Montreal and also enjoy sweating like you've just took a bath fully clothed, here's a cool article listing the best places to ride in the city. Maybe I'll see you there ! :)